peacock Dror is the design studio of designer Dror Benshetrit.  The multidisciplinary design firm focuses on art direction, product design, interior design, and architecture.  Dror has become known for using movement to create compelling design solutions.  Recently, Dror created a limited edition collection for Target which includes a variety of products including bedding, sketchbooks, accessories, and bookcases.  Most of these products collapse, fold, or serve multiple functions. One of my favorite pieces is the Peacock chair designed for Cappellini.  The chair is composed of three  sheets of felt and a steel frame.  The felt is folded and woven to form the chair's structure.  Constructing the chair requires no upholstery or sewing.peacockchair2


Check out the chair in use in this Dror space designed for Creative Recreation Sneakers.  Minimalist on one side of the room and more rustic on the other.  The contrasting sides are balanced by the custom shoe displays.


The artwork commissioned by Adam Kruger adds elegance and sophistication.  I love the layered effect created by hanging frames  over lighter areas on the wall, as if previous artwork had been removed.


Images from Dror