bugatti1 Not really a car person but when I laid eyes on the Bugatti Galibier 16C 4-door concept my jaw dropped. This concept is intended to be the most exclusive and elegant sedan on the market. Equipped with a front mounted W16 engine and the capability to go up to 217 MPH. So not only is it functionally sick, the sporty vehicle is aesthetically stunning.  bugatti-galibier-16c-stupid-dopeSimultaneously new and old are juxtaposed in a way that is seamless.   I am sure at this level of luxury that elements will be customizable but I wouldn't change a thing about the design.

An homage to cars of the 1930s,  the car boosts a long hood which used to be for large engines. Perhaps the most prominent element of the design is the silver along the sides as if the black exterior has been peeled away.  This sophistication continues on the car's interior. The inside is perfectly crafted with the integration of plush leather, rich wood, and sparkling metals.  I love the simplicity -  no buttons, knobs, slides, or unneccesary clutter.


The Galibier is slated for production release in 2012 at merely $1.6 million.  Excellence comes at a cost.  I am hoping by then that I'll be able to afford one.

Images from Sub5zero