support ticket Many of you may be wondering what happened to DESIGN FOR MEN over the course of the past week.  On Saturday, Aug. 29th, I received an email from a reader that the link to the site was not working.  I contacted Powweb, the host provider for the site which is certainly not "the perfect hosting solution” as their slogan reads.  After someone in technical support resolved the linking issue – I discovered that I could not log in.  Every time I entered my username and password, the page refreshed without allowing me access to the site.  Later on Saturday, I received an email saying that they had reloaded the password and resolved the issue.  While I was able to log in, the link to the site was still not working.  So, Sunday I made another call to them, and had to bring a new person up to speed with the issue.  And here is where the poor customer service at Powweb began to annoy me.

A little background on this issue, I installed Wordpress through Powweb based on a technician there’s recommendation as my domains, and are registered through them.  Let me tell you, having both domains with powweb has been nothing but trouble since the beginning.  When I install or change something on the Kibwe Daisy Design site, something happens to the DESIGN FOR MEN site and vice versa…ugh!!!  And this situation is no different – I reworked Kibwe Daisy Design on Friday, the very day that DESIGN FOR MEN went down.

So, back to the story, every day of last week up until Sept 3, I contacted Powweb, speaking to a different person each time in an attempt to figure out how to resolve my issues.  And Wordpress support was down until after the holiday – excellent!  I was told by customer service people on the front end (those who answer the call initially) that they could not transfer me to the technician working on my account.  One such individual informed me that she could not even transfer me to her supervisor.  Often my calls were received by call centers in India and the Philippines.   I would receive an emails instead of phone calls reiterating the issue I had already expressed or with information that I couldn’t comprehend.  All I wanted was for the same person to handle my issue from conception to resolution and to be contacted by phone by that person.  Finally, on Sept 3, I reached my savior, Gareth B.  Gareth spent a couple hours with a very frustrated and confused me.  He was knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.  Together, we tried to reinstall Wordpress and transfer the database which contains the content of my site.  While the reinstall was successful, the transfer of the content was not.  At my wits end, I asked Gareth, what I should do.  Gareth said that he would just begin from scratch with the newly installed version.  Grudgingly I agreed, which meant copying and pasting posts – enter the new and improved DESIGN FOR MEN.  Geez, I must love doing this!

I confided in Gareth all of what had happened over the past week – he couldn’t understand why technicians didn’t call me back.  Readers – do not go with Powweb, they may be cheap but the customer service is not worth it!  Powweb management – if you read this – please consider the customer as you provide your services.  Your employees are working in a vacuum – a sea of inefficient instant messaging and the reliance on emails and a support tickets.  It is unacceptable that it took me a week to resolve this issue.   And if you need someone to train employees, I recommend Gareth B.  Shame on you Powweb and thanks Gareth!