ABC Carpet & Home is one of my favorite stores, just period.  Their fabulous stores offer beautiful vintage furniture and antiques as well as accessories.  ABC also provides several sustainable pieces from manufacturers and cooperatives around the world.   Not to mention their phenomenal collection of carpets from broadloom to area rugs of all shapes and sizes.  As I traveled from Boston to DC, I simply had to stop by their outlet in the Bronx, NY to check for deals.  I was in the market for a new sofa but didn't see one that I liked.   I kept my wallet in pocket although there were quite a few tempting items.  I still need to spend time determining what the space needs.  On a side note, I strongly encourage you to not try to furnish or paint a place until you've lived in it for a bit and let the ideas flow.  Develop a design strategy or plan and then attack with a quality piece or two at a time.  This saves money and ensures that you don't wind up with "filler" furnishings that you don't love.  Back to ABC Home, I thought I would share a couple of items that I may go back for.  The above glass dining and side tables are incredible but were too pricey.  I may go back and grab the side table for my living room.  The cute vintage cart would be great as a side table in my bedroom - perhaps even two.  Alas at $695, I had to walk away.

 Love the steel pharmacy style cabinet (l), also available in white.  The walnut veneered bookcase (r) would be a great accent piece for a larger space than mine.  The steel base makes the bookcase appear to float.

Sexy Steel Stools I absolutely feel in love with these solid steel beauties and wanted to walk out the door with them until I saw the price tag, $550 a piece  - yikes! And the sales woman scoffed at my $250 offer as they had just arrived.  I will check back later and see if the price goes down.

This antique Rosewood cabinet (l) provides considerable storage and works well both in modern as well as traditional spaces. This vintage Eames style lounge chair (r) with polished chrome legs sits low and definitely makes an impact.

Walnut Media Console  on stainless legs - low and sleek, great for the modern living room