I found this great mid-century modern walnut credenza from Loft3F on Craigslist. And purchased it sight unseen for $250 based on a comprehensive photo album on the company website. The credenza arrived yesterday and I love it.  Precisely the vintage look I wanted and at a great price. Click here to see some of the credenzas I was considering. This one is similar to the Lehigh Leopold one I loved.  We don't know much about the history of the piece just yet but Loft3 purchased it from an architect in Lynchburg.   I am loving that it has found its way to another designer.  I thought the piece would be the perfect companion for my walnut desk.  Matches beautifully but I have an entirely new idea for the living area (which does not include said desk).

I had a chat with the owner who will be on the look out for more fabulous pieces for me and my clients. And folks - he can deliver to other locations including Boston and the DC area.  He came with a beautiful walnut side table (below) that he designed and built. I was tempted but must keep my priorities in mind as I still have not found just the right sofa.  More to come on the new digs.

Images from Loft3F