graysuit brgraysuit[The Gray Suit] I love this Tom Ford version...Anyone else a little freaked out by the model? - I keep having to look down.  I really want the silk tie which oddly resembles metal mesh to me.   So, how can you get the gray suit, another "Kibwe Must Have".  One word, Banana Republic...their suits are well made, fit well and are inexpensive.  They even offer sizes for the big and tall guys.  Tim Gunn (of Project Runway) recommends them.  I prefer their gray pinstriped two-button, shown on the right...and the price, $475, not bad for a stylish suit.  And get all 3 pieces, that look is really in - you can also wear the vest and jacket separately.

plaid > Quilt...dieselvest[BRING ON THE PLAID] I will admit that I have been quite resistant to this trend.  While you will probably not be seeing me rocking a bold plaid shirt by itself - I must say I have warmed up to the trend if worn in the following ways - 1. with a blazer, 2. small pattern shirt layered with a vest/sweater, 3. bold jacket or vest.  Plaid is literally everywhere guys - so grab a shirt or two at your favorite store (no sweaters please) - make sure it fits properly and no bright colors unless you can rock it.  My favorite plaid things have to be the vest and jacket...these looks might be tricky to find - so I helped you out.   The Diesel plaid vest  (right) is $150 from Saks Fifth Avenue, where you can also find the DSquared vest shown above for a fraction of the price. Note: you might find something similar at H&M as well, or hold out for sales.  And an alternative for the coat is the Quilted Buffalo Zip Up Jacket at $68 from Urban Outfitters.  I bet once fall is in full swing - there will be heftier wool options for the winter.

layering[LAYERS IN MUTED TONES] Now too much brown is a bit much at times with my skin tone but I do love this look and trust me, I will figure out a way to rock it.  Bloomingdales does a great job in this ad showing off the basics of this fall look.  Start with a brown or gray undershirt, add a graphic T shirt and a cardigan, heavy weight or light and wear some dress pants it gets cooler add a jacket/coat and scarf.  This type of stuff gets me excited about fall.  I actually dig the gray suit the guy on the right is wearing as well - did I mention gray is in?  Try working with what you have and if you don't want to spend too much, check out H&M - I was geared up when I saw the spread below in their magazine.  I plan to grab either of the jackets shown on my next trip to the store.


[THE SHAWL COLLAR] Anyone that knows me, knows that when it gets cold, out comes my shawl collared pullovers and cardigans.  And this year will be no different - although I have all that I really need - I am coveting the gray cashmere pullover in this Cesare Paciotti I do not have one of those.  Especially with the white oxford shirt...I like this look.  French Connection sells a similar wool pullover for $138 (shown)...I like to shop the sales and it is wool, not cashmere, so we will see.

shallcollar shawl2

I feel a follow up to this topic coming on as I have only scratched the surface.  Fall fashion is by far the most exciting time - the layering is the most fun to me.  More to come on Fall fashion!