Strolling about in Dupont Circle, I came across Kulturas Secondhand Books. By the by, vintage bookstores are my new favorite thing...the key is to find one with an Architecture section - I could have been there for hours. While perusing the book, From: New Houses in Old Buildings, I happened upon this project by Mark Guard Architects.   The firm converted a car repair workshop into a two-bedroom home in Deptford, London.  The design element that initially caught my attention was the use of the copper plaster  floating wall in the master bedroom (shown above).   I love the relationship of the way the copper subtly mixes with the steel and concrete structural elements found in the renovation.

The renovation incorporated removing old roofs, adding a new entrance, and new enclosed garden.  Sensitivity towards views and daylight throughout the house was the main objective of the designers.  The living room and kitchen are on the first floor to take advantage of the views of St. Paul’s Church and Greenwich.  The bedrooms on the ground floor open out to the walled in garden.  The overall architectural design is so timelessly modern making it hard to believe that the project was completed in 1996.

For more images and information on this project, check out the website by clicking here.

IMAGE CREDITS: All Images from Guard Tillman Pollock