Watching the video on the new iPhone set to arrive just before my birthday on June 24th (pre-order or reserve June 15th).  While critics are skeptical about the new design and capabilities, I can't help but be blown away by the innovation.   Here are some of the great new features:
- Engineered glass on the front display and the back panel - 326 ppi retina display - Super sleek and thinner design (the steel frame serves as structural shell and antenna, genius!) - Video phone calls - 5 megapixel camera - 720p HD Video and video editing with iMovie - Multitasking between apps and the ability to organize apps with folders (finally!) - Ability to combine email accounts and organize messages by thread/subject - Larger battery which means up to 40% more talk time
SIGN ME UP....check out the full video on Apple by clicking here.

Image from  Engadget