citroen2 I was just walking around the South End and noticed this vintage car and thought to myself - Wow!  Lately I have been pretty obsessed with retro things and it seems to extend to cars.  I am not really a car connoisseur but I appreciate them from a design standpoint.  In fact I would probably rather drive a vintage car than a new one but I would need to have a great mechanic to keep the sucker in shape.  Anywho, I consulted a friend about the above beauty, a vintage 2CV by Citroën, a french car manufacturar.   The C2V was launched at the Auto Show in Paris in 1948 and quickly became a best seller, making driving a car accessible to French people living in rural areas. The car remained in production until 1990. The German benchmark and pretty clear sibling of this economy car is the Volkswagen Beetle which was in production from 1938 to 2003. If you are an old Bond movie buff, then you might recognize the 2CV from For Your Eyes Only of 1981. A bright yellow one was used in a car chase scene.  Read more about Citroën here.

jeep-grand-wagoneerSo, what vintage car would I buy if I could?  No question, an old Jeep Wagoneer, 1963-1991.  A friend of mine's uncle from college had one and I just loved it.  I have wanted one ever since.  The car is incredibly rugged.  I love the use of wood along the side and I think my favorite combination is the wood with black, shown in this 1989 wagoneer.  And the interior is great as well - with the wood accents.  Not to mention that this early SUV would be perfect for carting around all of the stuff I buy for clients.