Some spaces perplex even me. The idea of letting it all hang out is hard to swallow prompting people to store most of their items out of site.  This apartment featured on OWI is all about exposure.  The consistent use of wood shelving throughout cohesively ties all of the rooms in the home together.  Additionally, the minimal furnishings prevent the space from feeling cluttered.  Essentially the items on the shelve function as artwork in the space.


The living area / office combo features blinds lining the entire window wall, creating a nice screen adding even more texture to the exposed brick walls.

The barn door is propably one of the largest that I've seen creating more of the feeling of a portal at the door. Although I am a bit confused about why there is a skateboard in the middle of the room.  I always find it odd when just one element in an organized space is out of place.  But perhaps the owner uses the skateboard as transport from room to room.


The detail of the accentuated edges of the shelves creates a nice slated wall at this platform area.  We find the same shelving in the kitchen/laundry as well which feels quite industrial and intimate.

The bathroom is definitely my favorite space tying in the shelving with the wood slats of the tub surround.  And I love the use of steel for the tub even though it makes me feel like I would be bathing in a large sink.  Nothing in this home is expected and clearly there is a little something to letting it all hang out.

Images from OWI, photography by Vercruysse Frederik