I am really enjoying the new direction of West Elm in their Fall 2010 catalog.  The design team has integrated some of the vintage elements while preserving the West Elm look.  The result feels more like what a home should be, a mix! I always love to see a product catalog that is inspiring from a design standpoint.  And it helps people envision a space that doesn't feel like it came straight from a catalog.  I stopped cold when I saw the above image.  I love the gallery of frames and the wallpaper.  After doing some digging, I located the wallpaper which is "elizabeth on shimmer" from the eco-friendly madisonandgow.  Here are more new West Elm items that I love.

Woven veneer pendant

Jigsaw Spin Bookcase (L) Wood & Resin Boxes (R)

Tripod Table


Images from West Elm