This week, I will be guest blogging at Today, I posted an article on a mural in my DC studio that I created by transferring the line work from a Marimekko wallpaper. I took some photographs and while I was at it snapped some shops of my place which is a work in process. I have started with the basics and I am about 50% done. I am only posting the the living room, which doubles as my home office and kitchen. Stay tuned for more on the design which will include painting accent walls, vintage industrial furnishings, and much, much more.


The color palette is monochromatic primarily because the walls are freshly painted an off white.  Accent walls will be different tones of gray. In my home office / office area, my I love the use of an IKEA kitchen cabinet for storage above my desk.  The walnut desk is temporary...I will be replacing it soon, with something smaller in scale.  Additionally, a cowhide rug, end tables and a custom bench will be added to the living room.  I despise the carpet but what can you do, it is a rental.

My splurges thus far, have been the Blu Dot Paramount sofa which I absolutely love and a 42" flat screen television.  The scale of the TV is questionable but it is great for watching movies, I feel like I am at the theater.

The kitchen will be receiving a chalkboard backslash wall and I have a plan to add shelving over the bar which I am excited about.  I am thinking toledo stools for the bar.  No photos yet of the bathroom and bedroom because they are still works in progress - however here is a sketch of the bedroom design...

The same curtains  from the living room will define the entry.  The accent wall will be charcoal gray and I plan to do a coffee sack inspired stencil on this burlap-like fabric which is left over from a project.  The nightstands (click here to view) and pendant will be vintage industrial.

Stay tuned for more on the design process!  And check out the article on Curbly by clicking here.