Victor Klassen, started by the artist/scupltor himself, features innovative wood-working technique from exterior doors and other wood doors, to coffee tables, home accessories and other unique modern furniture pieces. These contemporary styles always exude a life of their own. They get their inspiration from the blend of natural forms and the illusion of movement, which is why their artistic furniture designs curve and flow with an exquisite rhythm.  Speaking of simulating movement through dynamic form...the stunning buffet above features is a personal favorite featuring ubiquitous sweeping curves and integrated pulls.  The following are just a taste of the wonderful pieces on the site:

Curve Table

Skeletal Sofa simply wow!

Nook Coffee Table (also available as console and breakfast tables) _

Doors: Wave and Chaotic All of their pieces incorporate the best quality materials including premium grade Red Cedar and American Ash which are mainstays in their collection. No wonder they pride themselves on modern furniture pieces that are perfect for longevity and stability.

Enjoy your journey through their site by clicking here, and be immersed in the artistic work of Victor Klassen.

IMAGES by Victor Klassen