Although, I have been in denial, fall is here and winter approaches. The cold weather does mean wearing more clothes which means more opportunity to make a statement with your style. Here are 5 things I am obsessed with the Fall/Winter season. 1. Tailored Preppy American classics are back but with modern tailoring which I love.  And I especially love the clothing from Penguin this season.

2. Blazers & Ties Try dressing up more whether you have to or not...Add a skinny tie to an long-sleeve oxford and a herringbone blazer with dark blue jeans...For a more layered and warmer look add a cardigan or sweater.

3. Work Boots I am obsessed in general with boots but my favorite style this season is military and work boots in dark colors - black, charcoal, or brown.   Specifically, I am digging Corcoran Jump Boots...pretty easy to find on Amazon or even Ebay for a pre-owned pair.

4. The Vest Vests are an easy way to dress up  just about anything.  I especially love a vest with a henley or oxford shirt.

5. Black and Tan Not sure why but this winter - I am all about mixing blacks/grays with camel/tan colors.  I plan to pull out my Camel coat this winter and wear a black oxford, pants, and boots...and you should try it to.

IMAGE CREDITS: 1. The Fashionisto, 2. J Crew, 3. The Blaque Book, 4. Macys, 5. Eclectic Jewelry and Fashion