One of my New Years resolutions: Get better organized.  Relying on my iphone, sketchbook, and work calendars had become cumbersome to say the least.  I realized that despite all of the wonderful tablets, phones, and other gadgets that I couldn't rely on technology.  I am a paper and pen kind of guy especially with my need to sketch and create lists pretty much constantly. So, I had to go old school and find a planner that combined calendar, project to do list, and sketchbook with some flexibility to organize by project.


The Circa system by Levenger was the answer - essentially a flexible notebook system that allows you to create the planner or notebook that works for you.  The ring binding with custom holes allows you to move around pages.  I was sold but alas - while the weekly planner and project to-do list inserts were available, blank pages for sketching were not.  Almost a deal breaker until I did some research online and found that Levenger finessed the technology originally designed by Rollabind who sells blank pages.  Everything came together and I am pleased with my choice!


I even found a way to customize the cover.  My model making skills came in handy as I cut some illustration board and glued down some fabric samples...the front and back cover are different but I dig the results.

Bring it on 2011 - I am ready!

My advice: everyone works and thinks differently.  Be creative and you can find a system that works for you!

Image Credits: Levenger