BanqbyJohn_Horner photographs by John Horner

An inside source at Banq informed me that the restaurant is undergoing some changes.  Banq will become Ginger Park at the end of this month.  The stunning restaurant is located at 1375 Washington St in Boston's South End.  Earlier this year, Banq which is designed by Office dA won Wallpaper's best new restaurant.  According to the Boston Globe, new chef, Patricia Yeo is revamping their menu and taking the cuisine from Indian/Asian fusion to Modern Asian.   I welcome the change after being underwhelmed by the food earlier in the summer.  A commenter on the article was not exactly raving about Yeo or her reputation in New York, but we will see.  Check out the article from the Globe.


Plans to renovate the space are also in the works.  I gasped at the thought of anything happening to the interior architecture, the Banyan tree inspired birch wood canopy or the bamboo tables or the bambo walls and floors, which I believe are Neopolitan by Plyboo.  Ok, you get it - I am in love with the design.   And I was pleased to know that these design elements will remain.  The plan is to move the bar in an effort to make a more direct connection between the bar/lounge and the main dining room.   This change will make people aware that there is more to the space and invite them to dine there.

New chef, Yeo has her work cut out for her as expectations will be high, especially since Meyers and Chang offers similar cuisine down the street.  Honestly I would love to see improvements to the menu, but I am mainly happy that the original design remains intact and hopefully the drink menu will be as well.