Recently I was looking through old magazines for a project and I happened upon fashion designer, Naeem Khan and his wife’s loft in SOHO freatured in Elle Decor, circa 2006.  I am sure they have redesigned or moved since the feature came out.  However, I tore out this image of their bedroom because I was fascinated by the mirrored sculpture Khan designed with interior designer Tom Scheerer.   Recently, I was looking through the CB2 store catalog and noticed their Perspective Mirror (shown in room and detail shot below) which bears a striking resemblance to the Khan and Scheerer sculpture, yet on a much smaller scale and at significantly less cost.  For those not in the know, CB2 is Crate & Barrel 2, a less expensive and more fun spin off of the father company.   Stores are in New York and California, sorry Bostonians.  I am not sure how much that custom mirrored headboard cost to make but I bet probably a pretty penny.  My idea is to mount 3 of the mirrors together on the wall above my bed, they are 24-1/4″ sq and only $150 each, so ($450 total).  If I had the ceiling height, I would do 6 of them which would give more of the effect in the image above.   My bed is the tall wood bed frame from West Elm sans headboard.  I have been waiting to find just the right headboard or the right solution, this could be it.  And it is definitely a good habit, to tear out or tag images that you like and keep them for when you spot a cheaper alternative.   I obsessively keep them organized in binders but you might prefer a cool box or something less anal.


PerspectiveMirrorF8 tallwoodbedframe

Also the bedding situation above is not the most ideal for me…I prefer the bedding shown below from the Modern Metropolis collection by Ralph Lauren home.  And I am in the process of re-bedding to acheive a similar look, so I will let you know how that goes.  An aside, changing your bedding can drastically change the look and feel of your bedroom and it is very inexpensive.  I recommend you shop stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx.