skinnytieOne of my readers requested a segment for answering style or design questions.  Of course, I am happy to help.  So, send them along.  Here is the first.

Q: I have noticed that ties are getting narrower and we seem to be going back to a retro 60's look.  Should I follow the trend and start buying skinny ties?

A: You are correct that ties are slimming down.  The skinny tie paired with a well tailored suit is a classic and must-have look  for a dapper guy.  What I love about the skinny tie is the versatility, working well with a suit or casually with a button-down shirt and jeans.

I must say that the tie should fit the man though.  I wouldn't recommend a skinny tie if you are husky or very muscular or overweight.  Think proportions.  My advice, just give a skinny tie a try, buy one at a discount store like Marshalls and TJMaxx.  And make sure the suit you pair it with is a tailored two-button number with flat front pants.  Keep it classic for now, try a charcoal suit, white shirt and a solid or striped tie.  Don't be afraid to add that handkerchief.  I think you'll dig how the tailored suit and trim tie make you look slimmer and more refined.   Let Neil Patrick Harris be your guide, check out the full spread in GQ.

Thanks, Paul T.  for the first question and for the idea for the segment.

PHOTO CREDITS: Image from April 2009 Issue/Slideshow of  GQ