00001f00002f Photographs by Hilary Walsh, source GQ

Thank You GQ for the most helpful, Seven Style Mistakes piece...I loved the tips.  I am so tired of seeing guys in clothes that aren't current and don't flatter them.  And the fix is simple, concentrate on fit.  I loved the author's advice to try on smaller jackets until you can't get the sucker on and then buy the size up.  I love the Dolce and Gabbana leather bomber jacket above...a stylish and classic alternative to the all too common bulky leather jacket.  Furthermore, bold printed ties have been out since the 90s, so why do I still see guys rocking them.  And if any one is wondering, buying those shirt and tie combos you can purchase as some department stores is never a good idea.  Keep the patterns simple: I am a huge fan of a bold stripe or subtle herringbone.   And be adventurous with color with a solid silk tie.  My final favorite without ruining the  slideshow is the oversize suit - make it stop!  I often see guys wearing suits that are too big for them.  I agree with the author that the same sizing down approach mentioned earlier applies here as well.  However, my shoulders have taught me much more.  If you have an athletic build, then there is NO chance that a suit off the rack will fit you.  So make sure you budget for a tailor.  They can work magic and a good tailor will be able to educate you on how a suit should fit.  To check out all seven of these common style mistakes, check out the slide show here.

So what is the moral of the story: keep up with fashion trends and focus on fit!