I was checking out one of favorite sites, Apartment Therapy for some inspiration for a project and what do I see?  My roommate Emmy and I’s condo as an example for an article titled, “10 Tips: A Grown Up Home (for Less)” There are some of the same helpful hints I included in my article Small Space, Big Style including eliminating clutter and transforming the room with paint.  I enjoyed other cost saving tips as well including shopping sales and creating decorative vignettes.  And the tips on mixing it up were dead on - I detest spaces that resemble West Elm or IKEA catalogs.  While their catalogs and showrooms can provide great inspiration, it is important to ensure that your space has an identity and reflects you and your sense of style.  And never buy “sets” of furniture for the same reason.  One of my clients is on a very strict budget and we purchased several things from IKEA but we are mixing it up with custom furniture and vintage finds.  And my other favorite tip, is patience, I must admit that I am impatient myself – I have often caught myself saying, “I want it now!”  However with home furnishings, I have learned that waiting can make a huge difference in grabbing a knock-off  modern chair from Crate and Barrel to finding the real thing on craigslist, a yard sale, or at a antiques market.  So, be patient with your space and make it reflect you.  To see the full article on Apartment Therapy, click here.