india2Keith Johnson has my dream job, he travels the world shopping for antiques and furnishings for Anthropologie.  And now he has his own show on the Sundance Channel called, Man Shops Globe... color me jealous.  I wondered, how does one snag a job scouring the globe for cool finds?  Johnson became fascinated with traveling and antiques as a child when he went on excursions to Europe with his father, an art dealer.  He brought his experience to Antropologie in 1994.  His partner, Greg Senk, CEO of parent company, Urban Outfitters Inc asked Johnson to find furnishings for the women's lifestyle store.  The store was a big success and Johnson is now buyer-at-large for the 123 Anthropologie stores in the United States.  He also curates the gallery at the Rockefeller Center location.  This answers a long time question of how the Anthropologie stores has remained so consistently chic and inspired over the years.  Truth be told, I would love to see a men's slant on the concept. IMG_0001

So, not only does Johnson have an awesome job.  But this shopping has benefits on the home front as well.  He says that many of the finds for the store wind up in the home he shares with his partner.  Their Manhattan apartment is featured in the October issue of Elle Decor [See full slide show]  I fell in love with the old apartment featured on Mrs. Blandings which blogger,  Patricia Shackelford dug up from an issue of  Home & Garden in 2006.  You can clearly see some of the same pieces re-purposed or reused from the old place in their new home.  The arc lamp he found in Paris shown above is just amazing.  The gothic cabinet below knocked my socks off.   I love the way different styles and periods are blended in the home.

cab Make sure to tune in to Man Shops Globe, which premieres today, October 7 at 10p on the Sundance Channel.  I am already hooked by the webisodes and previews.  Special note to Keith Johnson: you let me know if you ever get bored with your job, I am happy to take over.  Special thanks to Paul V for letting me know about the show.

IMAGE CREDITS:  Keith Johnson Picture from  Sundance Channel: Man Shops Globe Profile Page.  Images of  New York Apartment from House & Garden, March 2006 via Mrs. Blandings