Every time I visit D.C., I make sure to stop by Halo, a gay lounge located in D.C.’s Logan Circle at 1435 P St NW.  I guess I really have a pension for efficient, small spaces.  Hardly, the newest spot in D.C., the design at Halo is timelessly chic and modern.  Completed in 2004, Halo was designed by interior designer, Greg Keffer of Studios Architecture.  My favorite feature of this space is the use of mirrors to expand the space.  When my friend suggested that there was more to the space on the other side of the faux partition, I felt a bit cocky informing him that the walls were clad ceiling to floor with mirrors.  I kept it to myself that I was totally fooled the last time I was here and almost walked into the mirrored wall…oops.  While I love the use of mirrors, the streamlined feel of the space definitely connects with the name.  The mirrored walls, exposed ceilings painted black, and concrete floors serve as a backdrop to the white walls and the custom lounge seating.   And the clustered pendant fixtures add sophistication and warmth the space.  The saturated color in the space mainly comes from the use of lighting systems.

If the fact that Halo is a gay lounge doesn’t scare you, check it out when you visit D.C.  Check out the Halo website for more information and for images of the second floor space which is always closed when I visit.