Nelson Swag Leg Desk

Not one to recommend knock offs over the original but sometimes saving some dough makes it worth it.  I love the Nelson Swag Leg Desk (1958) designed by George Nelson.  It is the perfect size for a small apartment or condo.  Making a statement without taking up a lot of room.Not to mention that there are a suite of products that incorporate the iconic swag leg from dining tables to the chair shown above.  The cost of the desk, $1849...not bad for a modern classic.

swoop-desk-by-cb2-m.jpg ursuline CB2 Swoop Desk                                                               Ligne Roset Ursuline Desk

So, how about the CB2 swoop desk as a cheaper alternative, a steal at $300.  Now I must say that I would make some tweaks.  While I dig the walnut top, I am not a fan of the white drawers and legs.  The look appears cheap, so I would stain the drawers and paint the legs a deep brown.  The result will be much more high-end looking.  Why such a change?  Check out the  Ursuline desk from Ligne Roset, $2360.  The walnut top and cross-shaped satin brown steel base option looks much more refined and less like a knock off.

IMAGE CREDITS: Swag  Desk from DWR, Swoop Desk from CB2, Ursuline desk from Ligne Roset