market Men tend to be somewhat opposed to going antiquing.  However you will be surprised by the many excited finds that relate to your interests and can enhance your personal style.   On Sunday, I went to the  SOWA Antiques Market located at 540 Harrison Ave in Boston’s South End and was truly inspired by the great items.  I became a child again when I saw a beautiful tin savings bank and bronze set of cars from the 1930s. (See below)   It was my first time actually stopping by but I have always been curious about the market, especially due to the site, a former railway power house built in 1892.  The power house of the West End Street Railway Company, designed by William G. Preston, was a part of a complex of brick gable-roofed sheds that supplied power for the Boston Elevated Railway.  Go to the building history section of the market’s website for more information.

The interior of this brick building is just as stunning as the exterior suggests with the iron roof trusses, rafters, and purlins.  I had to force myself to stop looking up at the fascinating craftsmenship.  And when I did look down, I found quite a few pieces that caught my eye.  Mostly accessories and artwork that can really enhance your space.  These pieces have history and reflect my vision of a gentlemen’s style then and now. [more...]