This designer loves to see unused spaces revitalized, especially when showcasing emerging artists is the objective.  The Fourth Wall Project creates “pop up galleries” in unutilized commercial spaces.  I went to their most recent event on Friday, August 7th, the 2009 summer show for Paint Pens in Purses, an all-female urban art collective.  The exhibition was held at a gas station recently transformed into a gallery at 1301 Boylston St in Boston’s Fenway.  The structure is unassuming and usually appears vacant concealing the transformation within.  Friday,  the space was activated by interior lighting, the thump of house music, and the animated crowd.

DSC02647The iterior was primarily painted white which accentuated the garage doors.  The work of nine artists mounted on leaning white panels popped, contributing moments of vibrant color in the space.

Over the course of the night, I could not help feeling sad about how temporary it was.  Is there a way that the gas station gallery could be more permanently retained to exhibit work for at least a couple of weeks to a month?  Nonetheless, the event was great especially with the free cocktails which I somehow managed to miss, being forced to have a Pabst instead.   Be sure to check out the Fourth Wall Project for more information on upcoming exhibits.