image2 I am loving the Fall/Winter 2009 Collection by What Goes Around Comes Around, elegantly mixing vintage 1920s to 40s style with 1980s punk.  Their boutiques incorporate their as well as vintage finds and other high end men's and women's fashion labels.  The outfit above I just want to run out and buy.  I love all of the elements from the jacket to the patterned scarf.  I also like the following outfits from the collection lookbook.


I dig the blazer with the embellishment on the lapel paired with the red plaid shirt.  The patched/destroyed jeans, which take me back to the days when I exlcusively wore Abercrombie.  BUT, dare I  say, they look pretty dapper here.


What can I say, I am digging the suspenders here and the skinny jeans.  The bomber jacket with white scarf introduces a bit an aviator element that I love as well.


I am envisioning this three piece suit with red plaid tie being perfect for a holiday party or New Years.

IMAGE CREDITS: All pictures from What Goes Around Comes Around