jeanprouve French engineer and designer, Jean Prouvé (1901 - 1984) considered both form and function in creating his now iconic furnishings. Recently his work has gained popularity among collectors and retailers such as Vitra and Design Within Reach.  His designs have a striking industrial feel often pairing steel with wood.  Prouvé understood how to manipulate materials to efficiently create furniture and he would often collaborate with designers such as Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand.  The following are some of the pieces that are on my wish list.


Cité Armchair, 1934


Antony Chair, 1954


Potence Lamp, 1954


EM Table, 1950


Standard Chair, 1934


Bibliotheque by Charlotte Perriand, Sonia Delaunay, and Jean Prouve, 1953

IMAGE CREDITS: 1st Image from Pullpusher, Cite Armchair from Christies, Antony Chair from Nova68, Potence Lamp from Vitra, EM Table and Standard Chair from Nova68, and Bibliotheque from Jean Prouve Museum.