Faber Bright Fireplace

Faber Bright Fireplace

As the weather gets a bit cooler, I am thinking about cozy nights by the fire.  Considerable innovations have been made in the production of fireplaces, these objets d'art now transcend the hearth as we once knew it.  Here are some of my favorites on the market.

FABER BRIGHT The see-through frameless  glass fireplace shown above is by Faber, a fireplace manufacturer in the Netherlands.  Their built-in gas units provide considerable heat with a modern edge.  Not yet available in the U.S.


METAFOCUS 8 This limited edition sleek wall mounted fireplace designed by Dominique Imbert incorporates sculpted bronze facade which mimics wood.  The doors slide open to reveal more of the rippling flames within.  How cool is it that it moves? Anyone else thinking James Bond.  Base price $33, 800 from Euroflues


WITTUS CUBIC SERIES The industrial black matte steel Cubic Series by Wittus Wood Stoves functions as both stove and fireplace.  CW200, the model shown with integrated cubbies for wood is my favorite.  Pricing starts at $4150.  Check out HomePortfolio for additional info on model pricing.


PONTON FIREPLACE Based on the concept of the campfire, this portable glass column fireplace by Ponton is a favorite.  The stainless steel firepit appears to float.  The fire is fueled by standard fuel paste and can burn for 2-1/2 to 3 hours.  Available at PID for $2909.


MALM FIREPLACE At least one of these should be pretty easy to buy, my choice, the Malm Fireplace, available in white and stainless at Design Within Reach.  My preference is for the steel version, cost $1500 white (shown), $2900 stainless.

IMAGE CREDITS:  Faber Bright from Jobingco, Metafocus 8 from Euroflues, Wittus Cubic Photo 1 from Freshbump, Wittus Cubic Photo 2 from HomePortfolio,Ponton Fireplace from PID, Malm Fireplace from DWR

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