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Loft Romance

Mad scientist meets 18th century romance in this stunning Amseterdam loft designed by UXUS Design.  I was speechless when I found this.  Located in a historic building along the canals of Amsterdam, the seductive space seemed like a perfect way to end my week long loft obsession.  Dramatic pooling curtains define the spaces in this open plan.  The collection of furniture and accessories are eclectic, industrial, medical, bazaar making the home feel gallery-like but not cold.

I must say that I was most blown away by the guest bedroom.  Two Eames molded plywood chairs stand guard at entry.  The dark gray wall is the perfect accent to the oversize painting serving as a dramatic headboard.  In the hierarchical design of bedrooms, this room is casually elegant while we see a much more formal master bedroom with four poster bed and a mesmerizing teal color splashed on the walls.  Can I just say how much I  love the sand colored drapery, no doubt inspired by hospital curtains - casually pinched at the top and playfully voluminous at the floor.  Even the entry to the bathroom is defined by a curtain.

The history of the loft is preserved and perfectly accentuated through interior design here.  Exposed brick is painted white, the prominent wood structural systems and flooring are left untouched.  As a design point, I love the use of consistent modern sputnik style chandeliers in the major living spaces.  Somehow this lighting strategy much like the architecture grounds the design.

The overall effect of this space is that it is a little unsettling.  At times, stunningly elegant and at other times I am thinking is the owner working on weird experiments in a hidden room.  Design should make us think and let's just not think about the experiments.  This sophisticated space illustrates that even science can inspire an innovative and cohesive interior.

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