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Cruise, Diaz Flick Filming in Boston

Knigh Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, among other actors are being spotted all over Massachusetts filming a new comedy/romantic thriller titled Knight and Day.  Yesterday, I saw the filming of a scene with Diaz on Union Park St in Boston's South End.  Chic boutique Looc was transformed into a bridal shop for the day.  The above image is of the scene where Cameron runs out of the bridal shot.  Where is she? You can sort of see the yellow dress as she is going back into Looc.  Well, let's just say, I will not be becoming a paparazzi anytime soon.  But, I must say that I found myself star struck for the first time on set, waiting for a glimpse of the actress.  Was it all worth it?  Not sure, but Cameron is stunningly gorgeous in person.

What was cool was getting to hear "rolling" and "cut" on set.   However, the glamour of the movie was replaced with the reality of an orchestrated recreation of everyday life.  A child crying was a reason for "cut" to be yelled.   I was absolutely amazed by how fragmented the process was and by the sheer number of people and equipment needed to make one short scene happen.  I realized that over the course of that day, less than 5 minutes of the movie was captured.  Academics often debate the architecture of film...the director's desire to be an architect/designer and vice versa.  I left thinking, I love that I can create an experience for my clients but they are the ones that make it real.

IMAGE CREDITS: Photograph by Kibwe Daisy