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D Scale, Boston

showroom Last summer,  designer Dennis Duffy opened D Scale, a furniture store which certainly fits the contemporary style of his design firm, Duffy Design Group.  For those living in Massachusetts, I highly recommend stopping in to check out the beautiful showroom located  on Harrison Ave in the in SoWa area of Boston's South End.  I happened to click on the site and loved several items.  Here are a few things that caught my eye.


Dirk B. Wing Chair


Renna Buffet


Studio Alto Drawer


Todi Dresser


Tortunga Dining Table And there are more great pieces on the D Scale website or stop by the store.

IMAGE CREDITS: D Scale showroom from D Scale Blog, other images from D Scale

Mr. Etemadi

Now this is precisely why I didn't want your friends knowing about the interview.  Stan now thinks that I would work for $9 an hour on the sales floor at Room and Board.  It is nice that he thought of me but it would be nicer if he was thinking of me for a potential project.  Aggh...I am just playing with you but SERIOUSLY!  I don't even know how to respond to this.  Although, might be a good way to meet potential clients.