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Design For Men  is here...


Design For Men is here...

KIBWE DAISY DESIGN welcomes the content from my blog, DESIGN FOR MEN.  This slideshow includes 5 of my favorite D4M posts.

What will happen to the blog?  The good news is that the D4M content can be accessed here.  The bad news is that we are no longer posting new content.

Why are you no longer blogging?  Life changes made blogging difficult.  Posts became less frequent and the blog eventually was placed on the back burner.  I kept saying - "I will start blogging again" but over time I realized that my interests had changed.  With the wonderful support of fans - I simply could not let go of the content. So, launching my interior design business created the perfect opportunity to integrate D4M content with my company blog.

What is your new blog about?  Honestly, this is a work in progress but the vision for the company blog is a journal chronicling project inspiration, the design process and provide updates on the firm.  So there will likely be some content similar to stay tuned.



DESIGN FOR MEN turns 100

Well OK, not really but this article marks the 101th post on the site.  That means something very, very special to me...last year, I wouldn't have thought that a non-blogger like myself could write this many things.  So in the style of those annoying collage episodes from sitcoms where they fill a slot with episodes from the season, I am taking you back to 6 of my favorite posts.  If you are digging the site, give the best gift of all, take a moment and share the link to the site with your friends.


1. Urban Remodel in San Francisco My first submission and by a talented architect in San Francisco.  I would love to highlight the work of more designers - so, please submit your work.

2. Ace Hotel This is hands down my favorite hotel at the  moment and it was great being able to chat with the designer and do a quick tour while in New York.

3. Stylish Winter Looks I enjoyed creating a simple vignette of looks for winter featuring up and coming models and fantastic photographers.

4. Fall Trends I Love Another fashion feature of stylish trends that I love.  Especially fun because I found low cost alternatives to high-end garments and outfits.

5. Living in Style Loved the concept behind this event - pairing style with interior design.  And I was introduced to my still favorite suit for Fall/Winter, the Nom de Guerre wool suit on the model above.

6.  F. Rock - The New It Bag? I just love the company, love the goods, and feel fortunate to have found them at the SOWA Antiques Market in Boston.

Thanks everyone for all of your support and keep reading!