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Sewn From The Soul Editorial

The online editorial Sewn From the Soul from Street Etiquette blows me away.   In celebration of Black History month, seven stylish friends from New York united to create an piece that speaks to our history and the evolution of style. The power comes in their clear interest in incorporating styles from the past while infusing elements of today. The monochromatic palette ties the ensembles together which range from rugged and casually hip to refined and sophisticated. I had to include some favorite shots but these are just a taste.  The shot of this little boy made me think about how my mother and my aunt used to dress me, classic and dapper.  Can we get kids to dress like this again?  I would wear just about all of the looks portrayed in this editorial.  My favorite outfit is the gray turtleneck and wool trousers with the white belt worn by the guy on the far left.

Definitely check out the Sewn from the Soul  editorial by clicking here.  I am feeling quite fortunate to have found their striking blog as well, talk about inspiring fashion.



Great Gifts for the Holidays

A14-L_1 A15-L_2 For shoppers like myself that procrastinate - here are some great gifts that won't break the bank and will make you appear to have planned in advance.


Vers Wood Speakers for iPhone or iPod (shown above).  For iPhone fanatics like myself - this hand-crafted wood sound system is a great addition to the home or  office.  Listen to tunes while the device charges.  My finish pick is walnut.  Available at nothingbutipod for $180.


Sony Party Shot (L) acts as a personal photographer.    So when your hosting a party you can actually be in the pictures.  The dock swivels and pans automatically taking photos by reading smiles in the room.  Available at Amazon for $150

Samsung HMX-RIO (R) This high def camcorder is compact and easy on the eyes.  Perfect if you and someone special are going on a vacation.  Available at ecost for $405



Espresso Maker from Presso (L)  This sleek espresso maker made from recycled aluminum enables you to use the perfect amount of pressure every time (no electricity required).   Available at Home Tone for $140.

Power Smart Wall (R)  gauges how much energy you are using and comes with four outlets to hold all your electricity guzzlers.  Two shut down automatically when you turn off your device and two stay on all the time for your must-have appliances.  It is a great way to save energy!  Available at iGo for $30.



Blurb Books Create a coffee table book with photos  from a special occasion.   You choose the layout, the binding and the fonts.  Not design savvy, no worries - the site is extremely user friendly.  Holiday shipping dates are available on the site to help you get it in time.   Gift cards are also available.  Available at Blurb, pricing starts at $15.


Kids are usually pretty vocal about what they want but here are a couple that can surprise those savvy suckers.


Frank Lloyd Wright Collection Lego Set (L) For the future architect or designer.  Frank Lloyd Wright and other architectural landmarks available are available at Lego.  Guggenheim Museum shown is $40.  Can I get one of these?

Twist Together Lamp (R) Ideal for the teens.  These LED light blocks can be assembled into a variety of different combinations. Available at Uncommon Goods for $100.

brodmann_blades_bluewhite brodmann_blades_blue

Ping Pong Set (left)  Great for traveling and also would make a great gift for an adult.  This Brodmann Blades Ping Pong set is excellently designed including paddles that slips over your hand and improves accuracy, control, and swing.  Available at aplusrstore for $100.


Avoiding Style Mistakes

00001f00002f Photographs by Hilary Walsh, source GQ

Thank You GQ for the most helpful, Seven Style Mistakes piece...I loved the tips.  I am so tired of seeing guys in clothes that aren't current and don't flatter them.  And the fix is simple, concentrate on fit.  I loved the author's advice to try on smaller jackets until you can't get the sucker on and then buy the size up.  I love the Dolce and Gabbana leather bomber jacket above...a stylish and classic alternative to the all too common bulky leather jacket.  Furthermore, bold printed ties have been out since the 90s, so why do I still see guys rocking them.  And if any one is wondering, buying those shirt and tie combos you can purchase as some department stores is never a good idea.  Keep the patterns simple: I am a huge fan of a bold stripe or subtle herringbone.   And be adventurous with color with a solid silk tie.  My final favorite without ruining the  slideshow is the oversize suit - make it stop!  I often see guys wearing suits that are too big for them.  I agree with the author that the same sizing down approach mentioned earlier applies here as well.  However, my shoulders have taught me much more.  If you have an athletic build, then there is NO chance that a suit off the rack will fit you.  So make sure you budget for a tailor.  They can work magic and a good tailor will be able to educate you on how a suit should fit.  To check out all seven of these common style mistakes, check out the slide show here.

So what is the moral of the story: keep up with fashion trends and focus on fit!

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GADGETS: The iPhone Simplifies Your Life

iphone7 Not only is the iPhone stylish and user friendly but there are so many applications to install that can make your life easier.  Sorry, if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch – this article may not be for you – I recommend reading it though as you may want to get one.  OK, so considering I have been having technical difficulties with my website, it seemed appropriate to write something “techie”.  I feel like I am always learning about new apps through friends for my iPhone and I am slowly building up my inventory.  I am not interested in games, preferring apps that in some way help me to stay organized.  I need all the help I can get!  I happened upon this article, The Best 35 iPhone Apps of the Year (So Far) As soon as I read the article; I went on a massive app downloading spree.  Here are my top ten apps at the moment – hope they can help you organize or save money.  For more apps check out the Techcrunch article.

1.  Shopper (free) Create a grocery list and keep track of cost.  Enter items needed at anytime and check them off as you grab them at the store.

2. Bump (free) Pass along the contact information you choose to people you meet by simply bumping fists – it’s fun and a lot easier than typing.  Mover is similar alternative but no bumping –where is the fun in that?

3. Slacker Radio (free) Watch out Pandora, this app has more music and offers Premium customers unlimited song skips.

4. Textfree Unlimited (free lite/full $5.99) Uses push notification for free text messaging, so no more costly SMS plans

5. Print and Share (6.99) Print stuff like emails, files, websites to your home printer…what?  Holding off on this one but it is pretty cool.

6. Flight Tracker (9.99) Check flight departure and arrival times and watch flights in real time

7. Mocha VNC Lite (Free) Curious what your computer is doing all alone at home? You can control your computer while on the go.  Friends have this and swear by it – it’s time!

8. Birthday Reminder (1.99) How many birthdays have I forgotten – facebook is certainly not enough – I need my phone to tell me these things.

9. QuickOffice (19.99) Get to your Word and Excel files while your on-the-move!

10. Skype (free) Call other skype users for free worldwide using Wi-Fi.

Wildcard - Redlaser Scan UPC codes for price comparisons – the scanning and database are being improved but I am so excited for this one to develop!

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Ralph Lauren Home for Men
Check out Ralph Lauren home’s new collection, RL Penthouse.   In the above vignette, I love the color scheme – the seuded caramel wall and the Rosewood furniture mixed with black accessories and sparkling silver and glass accents.  I have noticed over time that Lauren always incorporates collections that are geared towards men, specifically men with a luxurious lifestyle.  The style is streamlined and modern but contains a blend of traditional and contemporary style.  I particularly enjoy the use of veneered wood and polished chrome in the furniture which takes us back to the Art Deco style.  In fact, it is hard not to notice the influences of Art Deco designers such as Louis Sognot and Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann in some of the modern RL collections.  See images below.
While the new RL penthouse collection focuses mostly on accessories,I recall the inspiring Modern Metropolis collection  as being the whole package.  See the striking video and collection by clicking the image below.  The goal of DESIGN FOR MEN is to encourage men to live well and dress well.  With Modern Metropolis, Lauren designed a collection of furnishings, lighting, and accessories around a modern man, probably a successful professional living in a luxurious condo.  Although it is a bit cheesy, the video reminds me of James Bond.  We appreciate Bond not only because he has a pretty awesome job but for his lifestyle: going to swanky parties, dapper clothing, the cars, and who can forget the gadgets.  These are the basic ingredients of what excites me about Design For Men.  Living a lifestyle similar to James Bond or whoever is your style icon is possible.  After all, isn’t the goal to live the most fabulous life possible?  I think that is also Lauren’s goal with his stunning collections and I can’t wait to see what is next.
Ralph Lauren Home Modern Metropolis Collection
Ralph Lauren Home Modern Metropolis Collection

The following are other pieces of furniture from Ralph Lauren Home collections that I love.

Collection DeskCollection Desk
Polished Aluminum ChairPolished Aluminum Chair
RL Cube BedRL Cube Bed
RL1 ChairRL1 Chair
Cape Lodge SofaCape Lodge Sofa
RLX ChestRLX Chest