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Gadgets: The Glass TV

adnotam-lcd-glass-glass-tv-line-1 I have been working on getting an LCD TV for years  and now when I  purchase one - I will still be WAY behind the curve. AdNotam recently released a product that blows my mind. Simultaneously fusing together furniture and multimedia functions, the Glass TV is a mirror wall unit incorporating a mirror LCD TV with all of the necessary connection ports to DVD, cable, and satellite.  To clarify, a mirror LCD TV essentially means that the television is within a mirror.  Usually there are options for the television screen to vanish when turned off or remain visible.   Glass TV is the former and I love that it looks like a mirror when turned off.  Properly placed this unit can blend in with its surroundings and eliminate the whole how to conceal the television issue. These units are available in 36" or 46" and you can choose either mirrored, black or white glass.  For more info, check out AdNotam.



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