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Shopping at Eastern Market

I finally had the chance to check out the Eastern Market Flea Market yesterday in D.C. I was a little disappointed by the lack of true antiques and my fave, mid century and industrial pieces. But the area is beautiful and as a professional shopper, I managed to find some great items. The following are my favorites from the trip.  Above Thonet side chairs and Industrial stool.

Handmade wood cutting boards - Just amazing!

Handmade Tea Set with Pussy Willow Detail

African Mask and Ebonized table

Handmade Tea Set with Pussy Willow Detail



RETRO FINDS: More Antiquing

photo(6) I just can't seem to stop myself from popping in to antiques stores lately. Sometimes shopping for clients or myself or just getting inspired.  Last weekend, I made a lightning fast trip to New York but still managed to drop in to Olde Good Things in Chelsea. They were pricey but had some great things.  The above chair is a Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair in beige leather.

walnut table photo(7)

[Walnut Table] I drooled over this table and matching bench in black walnut with steel legs.  Similar to the dining tables from Hudson Furniture.


[Danish Modern] Set of 6 Cool Danish Modern chairs.   The back on these chairs is really interesting.

photo(5) photo(9)

[Eames Era Fiberglass Chairs] The blue fiberglass shell side chairs would add a nice pop of color in an informal dining area with a Saarinen table.  And the arm chair on casters would be great at a home office...I would replace the cushion though.


[Reclaimed Urban] Urban farm table with industrial machine legs.  This table would make a great desk and I love the pairing of industrial legs with a reclaimed wood top.  I was digging the chairs as well.


[Polished Chrome Pendant] This pendant would work nicely over the Saarinen table and fiberglass chairs described earlier.

photo(4) photo(3)

[More Industrial] Architectural Grill - I am thinking cool wall decor.  And vintage file cabinets for the office.  Why not new?  The patina and maybe I can make people think that I have been in business for ages.


[Leather Pillows] You will be seeing more of these in contemporary and modern settings.  I especially like the idea of pairing large woven leather pillows on an Italian style sectional.


Man Shops Globe

india2Keith Johnson has my dream job, he travels the world shopping for antiques and furnishings for Anthropologie.  And now he has his own show on the Sundance Channel called, Man Shops Globe... color me jealous.  I wondered, how does one snag a job scouring the globe for cool finds?  Johnson became fascinated with traveling and antiques as a child when he went on excursions to Europe with his father, an art dealer.  He brought his experience to Antropologie in 1994.  His partner, Greg Senk, CEO of parent company, Urban Outfitters Inc asked Johnson to find furnishings for the women's lifestyle store.  The store was a big success and Johnson is now buyer-at-large for the 123 Anthropologie stores in the United States.  He also curates the gallery at the Rockefeller Center location.  This answers a long time question of how the Anthropologie stores has remained so consistently chic and inspired over the years.  Truth be told, I would love to see a men's slant on the concept. IMG_0001

So, not only does Johnson have an awesome job.  But this shopping has benefits on the home front as well.  He says that many of the finds for the store wind up in the home he shares with his partner.  Their Manhattan apartment is featured in the October issue of Elle Decor [See full slide show]  I fell in love with the old apartment featured on Mrs. Blandings which blogger,  Patricia Shackelford dug up from an issue of  Home & Garden in 2006.  You can clearly see some of the same pieces re-purposed or reused from the old place in their new home.  The arc lamp he found in Paris shown above is just amazing.  The gothic cabinet below knocked my socks off.   I love the way different styles and periods are blended in the home.

cab Make sure to tune in to Man Shops Globe, which premieres today, October 7 at 10p on the Sundance Channel.  I am already hooked by the webisodes and previews.  Special note to Keith Johnson: you let me know if you ever get bored with your job, I am happy to take over.  Special thanks to Paul V for letting me know about the show.

IMAGE CREDITS:  Keith Johnson Picture from  Sundance Channel: Man Shops Globe Profile Page.  Images of  New York Apartment from House & Garden, March 2006 via Mrs. Blandings

RETRO FIND: Mid-century Modern Chairs


OK, so I am becoming quite obsessed with retro stuff lately.  A couple weekends ago, I went antiquing and found quite a few inspiring items.  I could not stop thinking about the amazing black leather suitcase I found at the SOWA antiques market.  After reading the blog, Antiquing for Men (yay, people are reading this thing), my friend wanted to check out the market.  My friend spotted the molded plywood, mid-century modern chairs shown above.  She asked if she should get them…I stopped dead in my tracks and said, ”absolutely”.  They need to be reupholstered but otherwise are in great condition.    West Elm carries their own almost identical suitcasebankvertversion for 6 times the price.  Now, technically, the West Elm chairs are on the low end.  You are talking $679 to $1995 for an Eames molded plywood dining chair from Design Within Reach or Herman Miller.  And original Eames and pieces from noted designers are even more up there considering their condition.  So, needless to say, I am quite jealous that my friend saw those chairs first.

But the trip was not a loss for me…On our way out, I snagged the black suitcase, which I got for $50, originally priced at $68.  I also picked up the “Fort Knox” tin bank, as I need to save my money these days.  And it would be great to hand off to my kid some day.  I am wondering, what I will use that suitcase for?  I am still not sure…perhaps stacked with other trunks/suitcases as a coffee table.  Or, I might take it on a short trip…it’s in great condition.  Any ideas?


Antiquing for Men

market Men tend to be somewhat opposed to going antiquing.  However you will be surprised by the many excited finds that relate to your interests and can enhance your personal style.   On Sunday, I went to the  SOWA Antiques Market located at 540 Harrison Ave in Boston’s South End and was truly inspired by the great items.  I became a child again when I saw a beautiful tin savings bank and bronze set of cars from the 1930s. (See below)   It was my first time actually stopping by but I have always been curious about the market, especially due to the site, a former railway power house built in 1892.  The power house of the West End Street Railway Company, designed by William G. Preston, was a part of a complex of brick gable-roofed sheds that supplied power for the Boston Elevated Railway.  Go to the building history section of the market’s website for more information.

The interior of this brick building is just as stunning as the exterior suggests with the iron roof trusses, rafters, and purlins.  I had to force myself to stop looking up at the fascinating craftsmenship.  And when I did look down, I found quite a few pieces that caught my eye.  Mostly accessories and artwork that can really enhance your space.  These pieces have history and reflect my vision of a gentlemen’s style then and now. [more...]