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BACHELOR STYLE: Condo with a View

museumway1 Recently I teamed up with interior designer, Melinda Cabanilla to makeover the condo of a local attorney and entrepreneur on Museum Way in Boston, MA.  Busy with work, our client had little time to do much of anything with the place.  And he really wanted to transform his space into a bachelor pad.  We were happy to help and perhaps you can gain some pointers from the design.


Accent Wall The client was resistant to repainting the entire apartment as the paint job was new.  While painting is an expensive way to transform your space, sometimes repainting the entire place isn't necessary.  The beige color museumway3throughout was not our favorite but we compromised suggesting accent walls to expand spaces.  The accent wall color in the bedroom is a deep gray.  Note: an accent wall doesn't simply have to occur on one wall - we chose to paint both the wall behind the bed and the adjacent wall gray.

Display your collectibles We encouraged the client to display his collection of taxicabs.  The client also felt strongly about displaying his degrees and professional photographs in his office space.  We accommodated his collection with an array of floating shelves.  We loved the taxi cabs as they added a personal touch and also provided great pops of color in the space.

Tasteful Artwork We guided the client in selecting pieces that were romantic rather than erotic.  Often guys get carried away with imagery that they find appealing but don't consider how a date might feel.    The client liked Jack Vettriano's work and went on a buying spree of framed canvas prints.  The result is a cohesive collection of art throughout the home.  The message is romance not sex.  My favorite placement of art was in the dining area of the living room where Vettriano's Elegy for a Dead Admiral hangs over the table.


Entertain, Entertain, Entertain While this piece of advice has nothing to do with the actual design, we encouraged the client to show off his new and improved digs by invited people over for cocktails.  And if not just to show off the new space, to take advantage of the stunning views.  Every time I visited I was mesmerized, see for yourself below.  For more images of this project, please view my portfolio.

museumway5 museumway6