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Casual New York Loft

ValeriePasquiou4 French designer, Valerie Pasquiou designs the homes of celebrities such as Lisa Kudrow, K.D. Lang and Ben Stiller. LoftLife Magazine featured her effortlessly chic New York loft and interviewed the designer.  My favorite room is also hers - the library shown above.  The books and cozy modern furnishings add warmth.


Pasquiou cautions designers against getting too obsessed with trends and playing the matching game.  The white color palette sets the tone and accessories and furnishings add color.  I love the blending of modern furnishings with antique, masculine with feminine.


It is refreshing to see a bedroom that is poised yet simple.  The bed is sans headboard - I have been doing this for years - who needs a headboard when one is surrounded by the texture of exposed brick walls.


Pasquiou in her cozy living room.  I love the mix of the organic in the lounge chairs and cowhide rug with the orthogonal coffee table and sofa.  A designer's home often gives you the best sense of their style.  And I love that Pasquiou makes intuitive decisions that culminate in a sophisticated, yet approachable environment.

Images from LoftLife.