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Blog Love: Unhappy Hipsters

You can come out when you can properly explain the differences between Modernist architecture and postmodern ornamentation. - Unhappy Hipsters

Sometimes designers can take themselves too seriously...intellectualizing every little spatial concept or geometry in a design.  Loving the blog Unhappy Hipsters which pokes fun at the pictures painted in photography of the lives of the design savvy, well hipsters.  We all know the sort, they read Dwell religiously, they are designers or wanna be's, they agonize over fashion decisions but want their ensembles to appear effortless...heck, I fall into this category.  And yet I find the posts hilarious, deriving great satisfaction from mocking the incredibly staged shots.   Another perk is that while I am laughing, I can be inspired by the often beautiful designs depicted.  The above is one of my favorite posts - the caption had me laughing out loud at work.  And I mean come on - what is the purpose of those little prison windows?  This blog is my new favorite work diversion.   Special thanks to Doug for sending this my way.

Photo by Craig Cutler; Dwell, February/March 2006 via Unhappy Hipsters