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New Orleans Style

galatoires Yesterday I flew home to New Orleans for Christmas. My journey was typical, filled people curious about the city.  The cab driver asked about the situation in New Orleans post Katrina.  A flight attendant, proclaimed her jealousy about my trip all while constantly mispronouncing the city's name. For the record, it is pronounced New Or-lons not New Or-leans as it is spelled. A bit of a surprise was that I picked up the in-flight magazine only to discover New Orleans Rebirth is the feature.

I realized instantly that I sometimes forget how incredible my home town is.  The spirit of this city, the culture, the people continues to go strong despite considerable adversity.  While I was reading, images came to mind of some of my favorite areas in town,  the Garden District, the French Quarter, Algiers, Metairie.  I fell in love with architecture here and started my path into the design profession because of this stunning city.  I love the following photographs by West Freeman.   The photo on the left is a shot of the french quarter featuring world renown restaurant, Galatoire's.


Oddly, the Keyes house above is the first building I ever drew.  It would be awesome if I still had that old sketch book, curious to see what it will look like now.

royalanddumaine stlouiscathedral

The Historical corner of Royal & Dumaine St and the captivating St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square, the oldest cathedral in North America


Wall Detail at the Napoleon House

gaullier 623bourbon

Gallier House Back Porch and Home interior at 623 Bourbon Street


Lafitte's Blacksmith in the French Quarter

And there is so much more - Big thanks to New Orleans for being such an inspiration.

Photos from West Freeman