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Watching the video on the new iPhone set to arrive just before my birthday on June 24th (pre-order or reserve June 15th).  While critics are skeptical about the new design and capabilities, I can't help but be blown away by the innovation.   Here are some of the great new features:
- Engineered glass on the front display and the back panel - 326 ppi retina display - Super sleek and thinner design (the steel frame serves as structural shell and antenna, genius!) - Video phone calls - 5 megapixel camera - 720p HD Video and video editing with iMovie - Multitasking between apps and the ability to organize apps with folders (finally!) - Ability to combine email accounts and organize messages by thread/subject - Larger battery which means up to 40% more talk time
SIGN ME UP....check out the full video on Apple by clicking here.

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GADGETS: The iPhone Simplifies Your Life

iphone7 Not only is the iPhone stylish and user friendly but there are so many applications to install that can make your life easier.  Sorry, if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch – this article may not be for you – I recommend reading it though as you may want to get one.  OK, so considering I have been having technical difficulties with my website, it seemed appropriate to write something “techie”.  I feel like I am always learning about new apps through friends for my iPhone and I am slowly building up my inventory.  I am not interested in games, preferring apps that in some way help me to stay organized.  I need all the help I can get!  I happened upon this article, The Best 35 iPhone Apps of the Year (So Far) As soon as I read the article; I went on a massive app downloading spree.  Here are my top ten apps at the moment – hope they can help you organize or save money.  For more apps check out the Techcrunch article.

1.  Shopper (free) Create a grocery list and keep track of cost.  Enter items needed at anytime and check them off as you grab them at the store.

2. Bump (free) Pass along the contact information you choose to people you meet by simply bumping fists – it’s fun and a lot easier than typing.  Mover is similar alternative but no bumping –where is the fun in that?

3. Slacker Radio (free) Watch out Pandora, this app has more music and offers Premium customers unlimited song skips.

4. Textfree Unlimited (free lite/full $5.99) Uses push notification for free text messaging, so no more costly SMS plans

5. Print and Share (6.99) Print stuff like emails, files, websites to your home printer…what?  Holding off on this one but it is pretty cool.

6. Flight Tracker (9.99) Check flight departure and arrival times and watch flights in real time

7. Mocha VNC Lite (Free) Curious what your computer is doing all alone at home? You can control your computer while on the go.  Friends have this and swear by it – it’s time!

8. Birthday Reminder (1.99) How many birthdays have I forgotten – facebook is certainly not enough – I need my phone to tell me these things.

9. QuickOffice (19.99) Get to your Word and Excel files while your on-the-move!

10. Skype (free) Call other skype users for free worldwide using Wi-Fi.

Wildcard - Redlaser Scan UPC codes for price comparisons – the scanning and database are being improved but I am so excited for this one to develop!

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