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RUNNING TOUR: Washington, D.C.


When I am out of town, I absolutely hate to feel like a tourist.  While in D.C. last week, I wanted to refresh myself on some of the city’s rich history without walking around with my camera, map, and other paraphernalia that screams “tourist” no matter what you do.  I stayed at my friend’s condo in Chinatown, which is essentially in the heart of D.C.  My friend mentioned that he and his fiancé enjoy running near their home because they can see national monuments along the way.  So it occurred to me that I should try running around their neighborhood and take some photos.  They live a short distance to the National Mall so over the course of my week stay, I went for three wonderful “running tours” and I highly recommend it.  After returning from my run, I would take a refreshing dip in my friend’s rooftop pool.   So, consider taking a running tour on your next trip – it’s a great way to exersise and avoid looking like a tourist while sight seeing.  And don’t forget to treat yourself to something relaxing when you are done.