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Movie of the Month: A Single Man

A Single Man, based on the Christopher Isherwood novel was released on the 25th of December.  After reading the review in W magazine, I waited in anticipation to see Tom Ford's directorial debut. The critics are right - the movie is stunning and maybe official proof that Ford can do just about anything.   Featuring great performances by Colin Firth as George Falconer and Julianne Moore as Charley, George’s longtime friend.  The film is a striking snapshot of  a significant and difficult day in the life of Goerge, a heart broken English professor struggling to find a raison d'etre after the loss of his long-term partner Jim, played by Matthew Goode. The cinematography made every scene appear as elegantly strung together photographs. Every detail was attended to from the fabulous clothes to the the gorgeous interiors.

Of course, I fell in love with George's stylish bachelor pad, a 1949 John Lautner residence located in the Whiting Woods area of Glendale.  The house is currently for sale at $1 .5 million, click here for the listing.  There was also something about the 1950s way of life that I just adore...the movie reminded me of just how lazy we have all become when it comes to personal style and beauty.  As I watched the film, I just kept thinking about how when I go shopping, I am surrounded by people in sweats...I know we all favor comfort in our down time but come on!  I just feel awkward leaving the house in anything less casual than jeans.  George's meticulousness and dapper wardrobe provided of course by Tom Ford was quite inspiring to me.  The luxury of experience comes in what we surround ourselves isn't so much about materiality but just about the emotive power of design sensibility and aesthetics.  So, thank you Tom Ford and all involved for presenting something inspiring and beautiful.  Check out some shots below of the stunning Lautner design, furnished perfectly in the movie.

With a movie appearance, it is doubtful that this mid-century charmer will be on the market for long.  If only I had $1.5 mill...Definitely check out A Single Man at your local theater.  Click here,  for a glimpse of the movie.

IMAGE CREDITS: Image 1 from A Single Man, Image 2 collaged from W Magazine, Images 3 to 6 from John Lautner Foundation via Apartment Therapy