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RETRO FIND: Mid-century Modern Chairs


OK, so I am becoming quite obsessed with retro stuff lately.  A couple weekends ago, I went antiquing and found quite a few inspiring items.  I could not stop thinking about the amazing black leather suitcase I found at the SOWA antiques market.  After reading the blog, Antiquing for Men (yay, people are reading this thing), my friend wanted to check out the market.  My friend spotted the molded plywood, mid-century modern chairs shown above.  She asked if she should get them…I stopped dead in my tracks and said, ”absolutely”.  They need to be reupholstered but otherwise are in great condition.    West Elm carries their own almost identical suitcasebankvertversion for 6 times the price.  Now, technically, the West Elm chairs are on the low end.  You are talking $679 to $1995 for an Eames molded plywood dining chair from Design Within Reach or Herman Miller.  And original Eames and pieces from noted designers are even more up there considering their condition.  So, needless to say, I am quite jealous that my friend saw those chairs first.

But the trip was not a loss for me…On our way out, I snagged the black suitcase, which I got for $50, originally priced at $68.  I also picked up the “Fort Knox” tin bank, as I need to save my money these days.  And it would be great to hand off to my kid some day.  I am wondering, what I will use that suitcase for?  I am still not sure…perhaps stacked with other trunks/suitcases as a coffee table.  Or, I might take it on a short trip…it’s in great condition.  Any ideas?