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GADGETS: Microsoft Courier vs Apple Tablet

microsoftcourier The Microsoft Courier just became a real tangible device with the release of a demo of the prototype.  Microsoft clearly had interior designers and architects in mind when creating the Courier tablet.  My lifelong quest to eliminate all paper from my life may be accomplished sooner than I thought.  While I could never see myself trading in my sketchbook for a computer device, the courier retains the elements of the hand with unfathomable organizational capabilities.  The tablet is comprised of two 7-inch screens that work together and sit in a case that looks like a book jacket.  The displays enable users to organize documents and images among other elements by using a stylus or pen and finger multi-touch.  The hinge houses the home button and serves as a holding dock for items that you need to move from one page to the other.  And the device also offers a 3 megapixel camera with flash.  Descriptions don't do the device justice, check out the video below.  Now, I must remind myself that this tablet is merely a prototype and that should it hit the markets this winter as anticipated, it will still be way out of my price range.  For more information on the Courier, check out this informative article from Gizmodo.

Visit YouTube for more videos of the Microsoft Courier.

The research into the Microsoft Courier made me curious about how it compares to the Apple tablet also under development.  While a prototype has not yet been released for public view and there is little substantiated information about the technology.  apple-tablet-big_01The Apple tablet may be nothing more than a larger iphone with the capabilities of the Macbook tablet and stellar video quality.  The the tablet has a 10 inch touch screen with a black resin back.  The cost will run around $700 to 900 which places it right between and iphone/itouch and a basic Mac notebook.  While the technology is quite different, I am a sucker for consistency.   And I can visualize an application that might offer a comparable notebook/organizer capability to the dual screen of the Microsoft tablet.  Check out this article from Computer World for more on the competition between the two tablets.  The Courier demo blew me away but I am sure that Apple has some tricks up their sleeve.

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