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Pool Obsession

Over the memorial day holiday, I had ambitious plans to catch up on work but I was quite distracted by the pool opening at my building.   My obsession with swimming is the inspiration for this article featuring some of my favorite pools. 

1. LOHA: Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects, Jai House, Calabasas, CA, 2004.

I had to rely on my oddly photographic memory for this one…I recalled seeing this stunning home featured in Men’s Health Living Magazine, a men’s home magazine that I was sad to see dropped in 2008.  Richard Roll, a former corporate attorney turned entrepreneur/entertainment lawyer who transformed his career and his lifestyle to be more focused around his passions.  His home is an inspiration, perfectly designed to incorporate his love for his family, the outdoors, and swimming. Limited on space, the one-lane lap pool was the perfect solution for this competitive swimmer.  To read the full article click here.

2. Rem Koolhaas, Private Residence in Paris, France, 1991
Loving the rooftop lap pool (yes this is a trend) but these pools are  efficiently sized for exercise and relaxation.

3. Humberto Herbeto, Vila Castela in Nova Lima, Brazil, 2005

I am a sucker for an infinity edge pool.  Infinity edge pools appear to to go on forever, an allusion created by running off the edge – typically found in areas with cliffs or architectural cantilevers.   In this home, the pool works perfectly with the horizon and the location of the pool next to the stair creates wonderful mystery when people descend the stair.

4. Richard Neutra, Kauffman Desert House, Palm Springs, CA, 1946.

I had to include one of my all time favorite homes which also includes a fabulous pool.  Check out this recent D4M article for more info on the home, by clicking here.

5. Eddy François and Caroline De Wolf, Private Residence, Belgium

This article needed an  indoor pool and this one is a serene beauty in a stunning home in the forest.  For more photos and info, click here.

IMAGE CREDITS: In order of appearance, Image 1-4 from LOHA, Image 5 from OMA, Image 6 & 7 fromTrendir, Image 8 from New York Times, Imag 9 & 10 from NothingLiving




Modular Villa by Studio Dror


While perusing the Studio Dror website, I happened upon this stunning concept for a modular villa in New York. Decidedly modern in design, the pre-fab modular structure is inspired by Villa Rotunda, designed by Renaissance architect, Andrea Palladio and completed in 1591.


In this modular home, the wings or cubes are constructed off-site and connect at a central living room with a balcony.  The layout is reminiscent of Villa Rotunda with the salons connected by the central circular hall which also features a balcony.  The translation from classical architecture makes this modern design both efficient and stunning.  Check out the Studio Dror site for more info by clicking here.


IMAGE CREDITS: Images from Studio Dror



Mapledene Road House

Designed by Platform 5 Architects of London, Mapledene Road is a renovation of a property that was formerly a crack house located in the conservation area of Hackney, a borough of London. The design team revived this structure creating spaces that flow into each other. The exposed brick on the interior adds warmth.  Subtle architectural moves add life to the facade while creating extra living areas within. One of my favorites is the protruding glass cube with window seat. As for decor, I love the simplicity of the palette punched up with pops of color as in the lavender chairs in the dining area.

Images from Platform5Architects