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Surrounded by construction, I have become incredibly inspired by scaffolding. All of sudden, it came to me – scaffolding would be great for creating a bed and perhaps many other pieces of furniture. So I am just inspired…I am considering making a headboard out of scaffolding for my place. The following are some great pieces for inspiration.

Scaffolding Bed above via Design Sponge

Constructed of scaffolding tubes and wood planks by the husband of Marijke Hukema of Restored in Amsterdam

Motel Out of The Blue via Dezeen

Designers Maartje Dros and Francois Lombarts used scaffolding to turn a construction site into a conference area. The project, called Motel Out of The Blue included meeting rooms , lecture hall (pictured above), dining room,  library and 50 rooms (above) for visitor accommodation.   I particularly love the day bed…I could see that transformed into something really comfy for indoors or outdoors.